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June 16, 2021

Explore how sourcing parts can save time and money.


Sourcing parts during field service is essential, but it’s not as simple as buying something off Amazon. However, there are still the same issues – sometimes things are overpriced or shipping takes too long. The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant supply chain issues, and Benda has had to work harder than usual to get parts.

On this episode of Conveying Progress, a Benda Manufacturing Podcast, host Shelby Skrhak talked with Jose Martinez, Territory Manager at Benda, and Ragnar Reinstein, Service Manager at Benda about how to solve the dilemma of finding and sourcing parts while saving time and money.

At Benda Manufacturing, they use various mechanical parts for their machines. In some instances, parts become scarce and prices increase. According to Martinez, they try not to pass this price on to the customer, as it’s not their fault the prices have increased.

With the pandemic, supply chains have been disrupted, so some of their standard sources have seen increased lead times and higher prices.

“Our biggest task, and our biggest job, especially with the pandemic, is trying to find all these parts,” Martinez said, “and sourcing them quickly and at a price point that we have to pass the price on to our end-users.”

They have spent time trying to look farther out or at different vendors. When it comes to field service, it takes an extended time to get something fixed.

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